About me

I am a Television Producer and Journalist with long-term experience in the print and electronic media. In private, I am an animal lover and a volunteer committed to the rehabilitation and care of wild animals. I take care of orphaned, deserted, and wounded representatives of the animal world with a sense of responsibility and immense sensitivity. By combining my knowledge and skills as a producer / journalist with my passions and interests, I have prepared a large amount of footage and lots of features characterizing the inaccessible world of wild animals (which appeared in ABC, ZDF, National Geographic, Time, the Telegraph, Discovery Channel, ABC Norway, People Magazine, New York Post, Yahoo, Aol, Onet, Voyage).

Cooperation with the Publicat Publishing House resulted in the publication of an educational book for children titled „Animals of Gosia the Traveler” (orig. „Zwierzaki podróżniczki Gosi”), based on my experiences with wild animals.