About me

I am a journalist, TV producer, author of children’s books and an animal lover. For years I have been visiting wild animal rehabilitation centres and orphanages to look after sick, injured and orphaned wild animals. During my 14 volunteering trips (including Australia, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Peru, Belize, China, South Africa) I took care of around 100 species of mammals. We work with every animal individually, depending on the species and the animal’s history. Animals that would not survive in the wild on their own stay at rehabilitation centres forever; others are released after rehabilitation.

I am an author of children’s books, among others: „Świat dzikich zwierząt”, „Świat dzikich kotów”, „Zwierzaki podróżniczki Gosi” and a lecturer at Children’s Universities. I give lectures at travel festivals and at cultural centres.

Articles I have written on my volunteering work have been published, among others, in such magazines as “National Geographic Traveler”, “Kaleidoscope”, on Onet, Voyage. My short films about wild animals have been published, among others, on such websites as yahoo, msn, aol, Time, New York Post, The Huffington Post, The Daily Telegraph, People Magazine, as well as on TV shows: ABC Good Morning America, ABC Chicago, ABC Norway, ZDF, National Geographic. My report about a Bear Sanctuary in Vietnam has been broadcast by TVP Info.

A journalist from the British “Daily Mail” newspaper has called me a “Female Dr. Dolittle”, other media call me a “Polish Dr. Dolittle”, and some call me an “animal whisperer”. I was nominated as part of the 15th “Serce dla Zwierząt” (A Heart for Animals) award ceremony for the help I provide to animals.

My motto is: The more love, goodness and willingness to help I manage to spread, the more beautiful the world will become.

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FacebookPolish Dr Dolittle

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YouTube: Polish Dr Dolittle

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Instagram: Polish Dr Dolittle